Since 1972, in that  “Casale” of our family, born up the idea to bring love for my land and its products on tables all over the world !!!

1982 – This is the year of  birth of the company Dispac srl., an idea was born almost thirty years ago by a family passion for their land ” il Tavoliere delle Puglie”. A land rich in history, nature and culture of good food. The founder of Dispac , Giuseppe Di Fidio inherited from his father, Eugenio Di Fidio, attorney for studies and passion for farmer, a thriving farm with an old farmhouse “Casale” in the middle. The passion is realized from desire to combine local traditions and technology, and this is Dispac. In fact, what follows is a step almost obligatory to complete the course “the circle of production” that leads from the ground to the final consumer through the transformation and conservation of the best products using techniques developed after years of experience. DISPAC realizes this dream of export all over the world the goodness and tradition of our country and it continues with the three sons of the owner involved in the current project. Let’s talk about idea, project, because we like to think of something always in evolution, that never stops. Milestones of this project are the love for own land, focus for the best products, our customers and our professionalism. The flagship of our products are in fact the olives “Bella di Cerignola” of our farm, 50 hectares cultivated with care and attention to select the best product to offer to our customers. But in all of our raw materials, we guarantee quality, our grilled vegetables, “Italian” sun-dried tomatoes, the various specialties offered. Of course, our attention on raw materials did not make us forget the importance of the third factor to achieve to realize 100% of the initial project that is the basis of our company: The customer always in the centre of our project and customer satisfaction is paramount and to achieve this we need to study throughly the markets without forgetting the individuality represented by the various national and local realities. And now we come to the last point, professionalism. Only surrounding by qualified personnel you can get a discourse of continuity to achieve all points of the initial idea . Maintaining a continuous dialogue between the various phases that arise from the design of a new product, the realization to the sales and customer satisfaction.

All this is DISPAC srl “Le Bontà del Casale”.

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