100% Italian quality.

Adi Apicoltura best interprets the great Italian honey excellence. All nectar is rigorously harvested within the national boundaries in compliance with quality standards and consumer protection legislation. Thanks to the nomadic beekeeping which saw in the Iacovanelli family the national pioneers, the company constantly seeks out the best blooms in the regions of Calabria, Piedmont, Apulia and Latium: bees are free to suck the nectar from the flowers in fascinating and unpolluted territories and turn it into numerous varieties of honey. Just harvested this honey is immediately brought in the Tornareccio plant to be extracted: freshness and quality is ensured with a controlled and certified channelling system that takes place entirely in Italy and from which all mixing and contaminations with imported products is forbidden. Thus Adi Apicoltura is synonymous with trust.

Via Alcide De Gasperi, 72
66046 Tornareccio (CH)
Abruzzo – ITALY

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