Green Manufacturing

Whether it’s at its newest US facility or any of its established Asian manufacturing plants, Giti Tire is committed to making a constructive influence on the ecosystem. From conception to building through execution, all Giti facilities adhere to specific local sustainability and manufacturing rules and standards. This is particularly relevant in an evolving landscape with so many interconnected global production networks and distribution channels. In terms of enhancing automation, eliminating waste, and boosting resource utilisation, each manufacturing centre must maintain a consistent emphasis on ecological development.

GES Manufacturing Management System

Every Giti Tire facility employs a comprehensive GES manufacturing management system, which combines product supervision, ecological preservation, and sustainable output to provide an elevated and standardised framework of manufacturing and administration, grade control, and quality assurance. 

Automated Intelligent Lean Manufacturing

With constant development and passion, Giti has created a world-class standardised tire production system, combining high-standard labour, natural resources, technology, and workmanship to produce superior and safer tires. In the newly built Giti U.S. facility, more than 70% of the industrial equipment, transportation, and warehousing are completely automated, considerably increasing the assembly line’s manufacturing efficiency while decreasing and managing polluting emissions.

The objective of both production line automation and lean manufacturing is to serve consumers at the lowest feasible cost. Both areas focus on eliminating low-value or non-value operations, minimising waste, and generating consistent quality to accomplish these objectives.

Below are the few well-known benefits of automated lean manufacturing systems:


Manufacturers in industrialised states are finding it difficult to compete with low-cost labour markets. The volume of workers or shifts required to achieve the same degree of productivity is reduced by automation, and so is the requirement for material handling systems.

Increase the level of security

As most employees will not need to access the automated material handling unit area or even go around the factory as often, warehouse automation may aid keep them protected.

Enhance Precision

Inventory management is one of the most important, but disorganized, aspects of production. If the inventory is not precise and managed, no production plant can hope to satisfy its clients or run efficiently. Automating the picking and put-away procedures is one of the most efficient ways to maintain inventory integrity.

Sustainable Green Cleaner Production (CP)

Despite reaching significant expansion in commercial value, Giti has insisted on environmental sustainability, decreasing the negative impacts of the tire life cycle on the ecosystem by including ecological sustainability through every stage of assembly and production. Giti has a fully incorporated environmental supply chain network, follows an environmental safety strategy for all personnel to ensure cleaner manufacturing, and focuses on the three pillars of reduction, reuse, and recycling to minimise emissions, waste outputs, and increase usage of resources.

Giti Tire’s Fuel-Efficient Products

Giti manufactures fuel-efficient passenger and truck tires intending to reduce energy consumption and lower ecological expenses. This incorporates SmartWay certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency for most of its truck and bus models.

Passenger Car Tires

Giti Tire has consistently been committed to responding carefully to consumers’ requirements and to comprehending their demands, as well as regional climate factors, infrastructure, automobile user behaviour, driving preferences, and motoring standards. Giti Tire can deliver a technologically advanced tire with a distinct combination of functionality and affordability that far exceeds market requirements by utilising this insight and integrating it with advanced machinery.

Commercial Tires – Long haul

Giti offers a diverse selection of long-haul commercial tires to meet the demands when travelling longer miles. The company has invested years perfecting tire patterns for long-haul applications and has won recognition from fleets all around the world that transport commodities over great distances.

Commercial Tires – Regional

Distance endurance and short distance driving capabilities are required for regional tires. To enhance cost-per-kilometre driving, a tire compound and tread must retain areas of resilience for both kinds of driving. Giti incorporates the CombiRoad tire technology to achieve that level of superiority.

Commercial Tires Urban

Giti Tire supports this by providing a variety of goods for a fleet’s cars, ranging from specialist bus tires to truck maintenance supplies, based on the wheel position, preference, and style of driving.

Commercial Tires Mixed-Service Application

Giti offers a large selection of tires to such fleets all over the world, with programmes tailored to their specific conditions and demands to save money and time.

Commercial Tires Off-road

A specifically enforced tyre is necessary for off-road environments including mines, quarries, and harsh rocky terrains and Giti Tire ensures that by focusing on sidewall design and tire compound.


From 2011 to 2017, Giti’s initiatives resulted in a 47 per cent reduction in freshwater use and a 22 per cent reduction in coal consumption, along with enhanced effectiveness through automation and preservation. Giti Tire has also participated in many other conservation activities in its regional communities to contribute to a better future.